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Evelyn Narcissa Knight [FINISHED]

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Evelyn Narcissa Knight [FINISHED]

Post by Evelyn Knight on Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:42 am

Knight, Narcissa, Evelyn
17, 5'4,Female

Birth Date: May, 03, 2023
Ethnic Background: English
Sexuality: Straight

Skin Tone: Medium
Body Type: Thin and Curvy
Eye Color: Light Green with light blue

Overall Personality: Eve is a very complicated kid.Mostly misunderstood.She is mostly cold and aggressive towards people that don't know her,but if someone has the guts to try to get her to be his/her friend,she can be sweet and kind.She is spitfire and unpredictable.No one has ever predicted what will her next move be.She's also sly and cunning.She is very seductive and flirts a lot.She can allure people pretty easily and she is strong.
Sometimes she might be possessive over things...or people..

History: Eve's parents died when she was quite young.Her sister was 3 years older than her,making the loss worse.They loved their parents deeply,but fate wanted them away from them.
Eve didn't talk to anyone after that.Except her sister.When she became 10,Eve noticed changes in the way she acted,talked,or treated people and others.She researched along with her sister,and found out that her parents were Dragons.Her mother was a Fire Dragon,and her father a Shadow Dragon.Eve had inherited both Dragons.
They grew up together,and they both became clever and beautiful young ladies.Though Eve was always smarter and more beautiful.Their parents wanted them both to attend Flightingale Academy,and they both did as their parents wished.

Fears: Death,Isolation
Hopes: Become a mom,Marry on the same day with her sister,Find true love
Inspirations: None

Mother: Selene Calva Black, Dead, 38
Father: Dario Hunter Knight, Dead, 39

Brother(s): None
- Elektra Aphrodite Knight,Alive, 20

Relationship Status: Single
Evelyn Knight
Sardonyx Senior
Sardonyx Senior

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Re: Evelyn Narcissa Knight [FINISHED]

Post by Admin Captain on Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:18 am


You have been accepted into Flightingdale Academy. You have been placed into the Sardonyx Dormitory! You can now claim a face! Afterwhich, please head to the Market to buy your supplies using the list that will be given to you!

NOTE: You don't really have to shop, just roleplay as if you were in the Whirlwind Market Smile

Also, check your housing list often when you see new bpys or girls here being placed into your dormitory, they may be your roommate!

Admin Captain

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