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How To Roleplay

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How To Roleplay Empty How To Roleplay

Post by Admin Captain on Fri Mar 29, 2013 3:52 pm

How To Roleplay

Hello! I'm sure you're wondering: "Well, how do I roleplay here on Flightingale Academy?"

Well, it's pretty simple. I'm going to give to examples, one good, and one bad. Note that you must roleplay in the Third-Person, where you are telling the story as the narrator. Which means you can't use "I", unless it is dialouge.

Good Example:

Captain walked into the classroom slowly, wondering what this year was holding for him to explore. He had heard loads of things about what the story was of this academy, and he was curious of it's mysteries. He walked over to his seat and put down his books. He flipped open to the back of the front cover, and wrote his name, and the year 2040 under the "Name" and "Issued" column. He then listened for instructions for their first lesson of this year from the professor of this class, called "Algebra".

This example above is good because it shows different thoughts of my made up character, Captain. It also gives details on what he was thinking as well.

Bad Example:

Captain set his books down on the desk.

This example above is bad, because it doesn't give any detail. You can tell the difference between the first and second one, obviously.
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