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Danielle Holmes

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Danielle Holmes Empty Danielle Holmes

Post by Danielle Holmes on Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:25 pm

Danielle Holmes Tumblr_m5xjepk55K1qlhfe3Danielle Holmes Tumblr_lj2slnjGHF1qbx8t4Danielle Holmes Selena_gomez_aywr_gif__by_gagagomezcyrus-d31ts7fDanielle Holmes Tumblr_inline_mgdvfkMVga1rzdizg

Holmes, Marie, Danielle
15, 5'5, Female

Birth Date: July 29, 2025
Ethnic Background: American
Sexuality: Straight

Skin Tone: Light
Body Type: Average, slightly Heavy
Eye Color: Brown

Overall Personality: Danielle is a nice person in general, but at first she can be really shy. She doesn't talk much and seems like a loner most of the time, but to her friends she's loud, bubbly, and sometimes probably even crazy. But she also has a short temper, and tends to snap at people if she's annoyed or offended - or at least she used to. Nowadays she just tries to calm herself down and get into fights.

She can also mask her emotions very well, and can seem indifferent even if she has problems, but only those close to her know her true emotions.

History: Danielle comes from a normal family. The only exciting things in her life are her mother's birth, and her attending Flightingale. Oh, and also her father's occasional shouts ringing through the house as he lectures one of the girls. Danielle's mother wasn't any better, to be honest.

Most of the time it's Danielle who gets shouted at. Alright - they don't really shout at her, they only give lectures. But it's the same thing for her, because Danielle wants to be good at everything and doesn't want to disappoint anyone. Her parents tell her to stand up for herself when people tease her, they tell her to get used to her new school - Flightingale. And, although reluctantly, she does; she tries her best to ignore all the hateful feelings towards her parents.

Writing: it's one thing Danielle is good at. She writes her feelings down in a diary, writes down a story when she's feeling particularly creative, writes questions about life that nobody could answer. Danielle is a sad person, despite everyone seeing her bubbly and joyful.

Fears: Disappointing everyone
Hopes: That she'll be successful in life
Inspirations: Her mother

Mother: Patricia Cassidy Holmes, Alive, 32
Father: Jonathan Holmes, Alive, 35

- N/A

- Gabrielle Emily Holmes, Alive, Twelve - twin to Arielle
- Arielle Rosalie Holmes, Alive, Twelve - twin to Gabrielle

Relationship Status: Single

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Danielle Holmes
Danielle Holmes
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Danielle Holmes Empty Re: Danielle Holmes

Post by Admin Captain on Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:56 pm

It says WIP, but it's good enough for me to accept, great job on this profile Smile You may still edit it if you choose to Wink


You have been accepted into Flightingdale Academy. You have been placed into the Opal Dormitory! You can now claim a face! Afterwhich, please head to the Market to buy your supplies using the list that will be given to you!

NOTE: You don't really have to shop, just roleplay as if you were in the Whirlwind Market Smile

Also, check your housing list often when you see new girls being placed into your dormitory, they may be your roommate!

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