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Looking Good [MA-16+] Empty Looking Good [MA-16+]

Post by Evelyn Knight on Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:13 am

Eve felt quite bored walking around the Academy alone.No Seniors were around at the time,and lessons hadn't started yet,making Eve bored out of her mind.Since they had no lessons,she was wearing a cute outfit,that made her look mysterious and dark,yet really cute and woman-like.
Eve was always the most beautiful in the family.From an early age she was was showing signs of unrealistic beauty.

The Dragons inside her made her look powerful,and she was.She had many strengths,yet she had enough weaknesses too.She was over sensitive sometimes,something that made her really vulnerable.
She decided to explore one of the Academy's Rooms,on the Fifth Floor.She didn't know what was that room all about..well,except mirrors of course.
She made her way up the stairs slowly,looking behind her to see if anyone was coming after her.She bit her lip as she made her way down the corridor until she reached the room.She slowly and hesitantly pushed the door open,and slipped inside,looking herself in the thousands of mirrors.
"Someone looks good today,I see..",she said and let out a laugh as she did a twist.
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