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Parker, Jennifer

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Parker, Jennifer Empty Parker, Jennifer

Post by Jennifer Parker on Sat May 11, 2013 5:02 am

Parker, Jennifer 321652_260366777330834_212935528740626_848934_967678059_nParker, Jennifer Yoona_5Parker, Jennifer YoonaParker, Jennifer Yoona-innisfree-girls-generation-snsd-so-nyeo-shi-dae-28360193-453-680

Jennifer, Rosemary, Parker
16, 168 cm, Female

Birth Date: November, 11, 2024
Ethnic Background: Asian (Korean)
Sexuality: Straight

Skin Tone: Light
Body Type: Thin
Eye Color: Brown

Overall Personality: Jennifer is very nice and friendly person. At least she tries to be but it's not always like that, she can be quite mean too. It depends on her feelings and so on. Is she in bad mood or good one. She is actually quite shy too but it actually depends on her feelings too, if she don't want talk then she doesn't say much but when she wants, she can way to much. She actually quite polite person. She doesn't like help others.

History: Jennifer was born as third child to the James and Melissa Parker. After her was born two more children. Family was very close and went away summer for the vacation. They loved to hang out together very much. Even if father was good businessman and was not very much at home. Mother was housewife who spend her time with cleaning house and rising kids. But one day it all changed.

That they Jennifer parents went together to vacation, it was their 30th anniversary of marriage but their plane crashed and anyone didn't survive. Jennifer and her siblings stayed at home with granny, who after that had to take care of them. She also died three years after that, she was already quite old lady, she was over 80. After that they went to aunt Alicia care. Who loves them as her own kids.

Jennifer even came to this Flightingale Academy, since her older siblings went here. She had no other choice back then but now she loves that school.

Fears: To lose someone close to her.
Hopes: To have her own family and finish school with good grades.
Inspirations: Her aunt Alicia and older sister Jessica.

Mother: Melissa Parker (nee Smith), Dead, Should be 51
Father: James Parker, Dead, Should be 53

- Nathan James "Nate" Parker , Alive, 21
- Daniel Lucas "Danni" Parker, Alive, 15
- Jessica Alexa "Jessy" Parker, Alive, 25
- Vanessa Amelia "Nessa" Parker, Alive, 13

Relationship Status: Single

Jennifer Parker
Jennifer Parker
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